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Unwanted excess hair can be frustrating or completely debilitating. 

Using electrolysis, we aim to remove your unwanted hairs to enable you to feel comfortable and confident in your own body. 


Electrolysis is proven to be the only permanent hair removal treatment used for the removal of hair as supported by the BMA, FDA and AAA. Outstanding results can be achieved for the removal of hair from all areas of the face and body. Unlike laser and IPL hair reduction, electrolysis can be used on all skin colours and hair types. Electrolysis is possible for everybody. 


During your treatment your electrologist will treat your unwanted hair on an individual basis. Electrolysis works by sending a current from a metal probe down each individual hair killing the follicle meaning that another hair cannot grow. 


In the past electrolysis has been known as a painful treatment however at Collistear we have the latest market leading technology to make your journey to become hair free as comfortable as possible as well as being members of the BIAE (The British Institute of Electrolysis) ensuring our CPD is always up to date. We offer electrolysis at both our Bristol and Portishead. 


Our specialists are able to offer treatment for as short as 10 minutes to 4-hour sessions however your individual needs and treatment plan will be discussed at our initial consultation. 



We welcome all transgender and non-binary clients to our clinics and are honoured to be part of your journey to becoming hair free. 

We have many years of experience treating our clients for unwanted hair on the face and body using electrolysis and we are also able to offer electrolysis for clients awaiting gender reassignment surgery (PreGRS) hair removal for both, FTM and MTF. The donor site must be completely hair-free for some types of surgery and electrolysis is the safest way to deliver this result.