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As the members of the LGBTQIA and BAME society, we understand the struggles and difficulties that being unique and different might bring to you, your life, and potentially your family. We truly believe that the proper support and finally being heard and understood is the very first step to overcoming these struggles and being able to make some changes in life.

Have you ever been judged by just being who and what you are? Have you been disapproved of your sexuality, identity, gender identity, your life choices, and what and who you want to be?


It is difficult to live our lives every day being questioned by our families, friends, or others. Maybe at times, even we started to ask ourselves, Am I “normal”? Am I doing the wrong thing? Should I just try to do what they want me to do, but can I? Am I passable enough or will I ever be? It feels natural to me, but why are they judging me for it? Most important of all, do I deserve to be happy by being myself and how could I ever achieve that?