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ICONYX Tattoo is the end result of 7 years of hard work by Mel Burns, the shops owner.

After her bumpy start apprenticing in a few different shop, then doing a summer tattooing out in Ibiza, Mel returned back ready to work.

She started her own small studio in the back of her parents house. Even though this small studio was fully licensed and backed by the local council Mel wanted to get a high street presence and that’s where Mel’s Tattoo Studio was born.

Only a few doors down from where ICONYX Tattoo is located today, you’ll find a pink building. This was the location of Mel’s Tattoo Studio. For over 3 years Mel worked from this larger tattoo studio, the extra space gave her room to work along side other artists.


The business grows and bookings are many months in advance now, on more than one occasion Mel has to close her books so that she can catch up on work.

So it was time to start to look for a larger premises, so that more artists could work alongside Mel.

It was in early 2020 that the first of several lock downs slowed everything right down. The shop was closed on and off for over a year. After quite some time, about enough time to have a baby, the lock downs ended and everything started to return to some form of normality. It was time to look into expanding.


By the middle of 2021 Mel’s tattoo Studio become ICONYX Tattoo. A professional workplace where creatives can work their craft, creating wonderful bespoke art for people. Tattoos, Piercing and Merchandise is now available.

This part of the story is relatively short, as it’s only just begun…

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