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Hi! My name is Lindsey Taub.

If you saw my shoe collection you’d understand – FASHION IS MY PASSION! 

A passion that led me to a life in the luxury fashion industry where I quickly became an invested student – learning how to cobble my own shoes, make my own garments and dress the top 1% to impress. 

While attending New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), only after years of working in the industry, did I learn to truly understand and respect the nuances of skin tone and the spectrum of colors that goes with it. I became more intrigued with image consulting than fashion creation. 

I have had the joy of styling men and women and the privilege of working with the transgender community; styling people of all shapes and sizes from all walks of life. I’ve gained an enormous amount of knowledge while working for companies like Jeffrey NYC and becoming the senior stylist for MM LaFleur, in Washington, DC. 

The affirming and positive impact I’ve had on my clients has given me the inspiration to know that I can help shape your entire wardrobe and help you find your personal style.


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