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The Bellissima Collective (The Bellissima Co.) was founded in 2021 under the name Bellissima Body Sculpt.

Motivated by her own successful experience with a bum lift treatment, Jade realised she wanted to help others achieve similar results and invested in training and purchasing the original Brazilian BootyLift machine. From that point, she got set up and helped a great number of clients feel their most bellissima from our home treatment room in Spital (Wirral). 

Fast forward less than a year and everything is now that extra bit peachy; the technology is even more advanced, the potential results are even more extraordinary and we aim to provide it all to even more of you.

Our professional team has also expanded with the addition of Ruth; available to provide all the same procedures and allowing our clients a further choice surrounding their personal comfort level.

Our treatments are for everyone*. Your size, gender, race and sexuality are of no concern – we do not discriminate. Everyone has the right to feel bellissima


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