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LGBTQ+ Aesthetic Clinic Marylebone

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The clinic team already helps members of the LGBTQ+ community and are also great supporters for LGBTQ+ equality. You will have access to a private and confidential service. You can feel rest assured, that you are in SAFE hands! The clinic team are fully certified/insured medical professionals who founded Vera Clinic London. With one goal in mind: the well-being of all their clients.

They are also providers of laser hair removal – helping you on your body confidence journeys!

Remove unwanted hair with a highly concentrated beam of energy. Your path to hair-free perfection. With our cutting-edge Soprano Ice Platinum laser technology, unwanted hair becomes a distant memory.

No anesthesia, no downtime – lasting results.

Lasers target hair follicles at their core, obliterating every element – bulge, bulb, and papilla.


Our skilled technicians glide the applicator seamlessly, ensuring full coverage.

The Soprano Ice Platinum’s cooling tech keeps your skin cool and comfortable.

Witness instant results, but expect regrowth. Fear not, multiple sessions guarantee permanent hair reduction.

Light hair or dark skin? No problem, additional sessions cater to your needs. Minimal discomfort, maximum satisfaction.

Unwanted Hair

Why we love it…


It’s a safe, effective way to get rid of hair – without the pain or inconvenience of other methods like waxing.

Say farewell to razors and waxing forever.